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     Managing Your  Time - Top Tips


  •  Plan ahead – both short term and long term,and be realistic

  •           about how long things will take!


  •  Write a to-do list – best done the night before. 


  •  Prioritise your list – remember your goals or targets.  Try this                            

  •           system:


        1.  Urgent and important  (reactive/firefighting)

        2.  Not urgent, but important (planning  ahead – ideally spend                                

             most  time here)

        3. Urgent, not important (possibly requests from others)

        4. Not urgent and not important (looking busy, procrastinating) 


  • Use the 4 D’s – do it, diary it, delegate it, or dump it!


  • Focus, focus, focus – one thing at a time


  • Don’t procrastinate -  do the thing that’s  bugging  you first!       Otherwise you just 'carry' it around with you. Remind yourself how good it feels to get things done.


  • Keep calls short and to the point.


  • Resist checking emails too often - decide frequency and be strict with yourself.  Turn off the 'new email' sound!


  • Listen carefully. And if you don't understand something, don't    

  •          waste time worrying - seek clarification!


  • Know your energy cycles – work with them where you can.


  • Wasting your time – be aware of your ‘time sappers’


  • Say ‘I’ll Just..’ (e.g open and name a document/get my bike out of the garage) – it can help you get started.


  • Don't work long hour as a regular thing. If you have to work late, stay at work rather than turn your home into a workplace. 

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