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Tel: 07771 881435


Jenny Gould Therapy

CBT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching




QM2 lecture

Jenny as guest speaker on Queen Mary 2 Caribbean cruise a few years back. Nice gig!!



Hello, I'm Jenny.  I work as a cognitive behavioural and clinical hypnotherapist, stress management consultant, trainer and coach, and my clients have come from all walks of life.


Formerly a  trainer with Relate,  BBC Agony Aunt, and resident therapist and columnist  for Top Sante Magazine.  


My books "Overcoming Perfectionism" and "Managing Anxiety at Work" are published by, available to the international academic and business community as part of their subscription service.


Watch out for my new book "No More Good Girl: Overcome Anxiety, Dump the Guilt and Free Yourself" which will be available from Olympia Publishers in the spring of 2021.


"Hi Jenny,  I'm writing to you from the other side of the Atlantic . I'm Brazilian and just read your book on perfectionism - and cried almost all the way through it and finally realized, after 15 years of professional life, that in fact I do have a problem that I need to work on. It was such a good reading and it made me realize that, at least, I'm not alone" Roberta


Having a life-long interest in personal development, I help my  clients identify what makes them tick and  what might be holding them back,  then work with them to bring about positive change.  They grow in self-confidence and with renewed motivation they focus on the action needed to achieve their goals.



Before becoming a therapist I spent many years in publishing, marketing and recruitment, which gave me valuable experience in the management and development of individuals and teams.  




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