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Jenny Gould Therapy

CBT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching





Are you always tired, working harder with less enjoyment?

No time for family and friends or….yourself ?





















STRESS affects each of us differently, depending on our personality, background and experiences in life.  Coaching  includes assessing your stress levels, and looking at how stress is affecting you personally.  We examine the sources of your stress and any emotional issues, and then we work on developing effective coping strategies to help you in both the short-term and the long-term.


STRESS COACHING usually brings about rapid improvement. Typically you will need around 6 - 8 sessions, although everyone is different and we focus on your specific needs.


We cover areas such as: developing emotional resilience; personality and behaviour patterns; managing anger; increasing self-confidence and  self-esteem; communication and  assertiveness skills; dealing with criticism; procrastination and time management; goals and ambitions; lifestyle; balancing work and home; relaxation training and other instant stress relieving techniques.





"Our sessions equipped me with tools for better coping in stressful situations, but also I have gained self-awareness that has resulted in acceptance and a new-found confidence about who I am ... Jenny, working with you has been a real pleasure - thanks for all your support, sensitivity and insight."  









Are any of these familiar?


Constant health niggles

 Low self esteem

 Feeling constantly tense and anxious

 Back pain, clenched jaw, tense


 Frequent colds, allergies, eczema

 Unable to concentrate or forgetful

 Frequent tension headaches

 Procrastinating over important projects

 Feeling irritable or acting aggressively

 Easily upset

 Falling asleep on the sofa in the evening

 Disturbed sleep

 Withdrawn or depressed

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This therapeutic method is based on the cognitive behavioural model, and is a solution-focussed, integrative approach.

Stress Management Coaching

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