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Jenny Gould Therapy

CBT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching






•Remember - stress doesn’t have to turn into distress unless we let it.


•Ask yourself, what’s really important to me in life?


•Challenge negative thoughts and replace them with more helpful ones –                

     remember, you feel the way you think.  Emotional self-management is the  

     key to stress management.


•Use coping statements - ‘I can stand it’, ‘does it really matter?’, ‘What the



•Ban perfectionism – good enough is good enough!


•Try to see things from the other person’s point of view – regain perspective.


•Catch tension early. Use stress relieving techniques e.g. deep breathing

     technique, defocus, stretching exercises, move your body.


•Manage your time (remember your life goals!).  When you find yourself  

     procrastinating – ask ‘what’s this costing me?’


•Break down goals/projects into bite size pieces.


•Be assertive – ask for what you want & learn to say ‘No’!


•If you treat yourself with respect, others will respect you.


•Make it a priority to look after yourself - take exercise, get a good night’s  

     sleep, eat healthy food, drink plenty of water...


•Build in regular periods of deep relaxation –it’s time well spent.


•Be kind to yourself – and have some fun!!




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